It’s hard to believe, but your bundle of joy will be here before you know it. And if you’re a new parent, you probably have more questions than answers about what to buy and when to buy it! Don’t fret, new parents—this article was created just for you! Here are seven baby care products that will help you get through the first year with your little one in tip-top shape.


1) Get sleep

You may be very excited about your new little one, but there’s a lot of work ahead of you. Here are some sleep tips for surviving the first year of parenthood: 

* Get enough sleep by using blackout curtains and earplugs in addition to reducing screen time before bed. Sleep deprivation has negative impacts on people’s cognition and can lead to depression. 

* Try going for a walk or staying away from electronics for an hour before bedtime in order to wind down. This also makes it easier for children to fall asleep. 

* Use toys with lots of lights and sound so that your child stays stimulated while they sleep – they’ll even nap better!


2) Do laundry

Laundry is a chore that needs to be done every week. It’s really not that bad, but when you are nursing or formula feeding, it’s hard to wash clothes in advance. Here are some tips and tricks for handling laundry while caring for your baby:

– Skip unnecessary detergents: Choose a liquid laundry detergent with as few ingredients as possible. Read the label and avoid products containing fragrance, dyes, enzymes, and phosphates. – Collect enough dirty clothes: One of the most frustrating things about being a new parent is how quickly babies grow out of their clothing. Avoid this by collecting at least two days worth of dirty clothing before doing laundry. 

– Sort clothes into piles: There will be dirty and clean piles, so make sure they’re sorted accordingly. As you sort them, put any items requiring washing on top because they’ll need to go through another cycle after being washed separately.


3) Feed your baby

Feeding your baby is one of the most important things you can do for them. This is when they get a lot of their nutrition and develop healthy habits. You’ll have a happier baby if you know what foods, drinks, and snack are best for them. 

Here are 7 baby care products that you will need to survive during your first year as a parent: 

-Bottles: Check to see what type your child prefers before buying bottles because all babies are different. Is your child picky or do they like the feel of plastic? Some parents recommend trying two types before deciding on which bottle would be best.


4) Transport your child safely

Carrying your child in the backseat is recommended for many reasons, one of which is safety. Keeping your child in a rear-facing seat has proven to be much safer than forward-facing when accidents happen. It’s recommended that you have your child in this type of car seat until they are around 2 years old or weigh more than 40 pounds. Click here for more information on car seats and other tips. We all know it can be hard to get through those first few months with our newborns, but keeping them safe while doing so will make it so much easier.


5) Keep them occupied

Keeping your little one occupied and happy will ensure you can get things done without them running off and possibly putting themselves in danger. * Keep a small library of age-appropriate books handy. Check out at the library or buy used from thrift stores for much less money than buying new. (Story time is priceless!) * Give your little one some snacks and toys they can reach easily while they’re in their high chair. Also, pack a bag with portable toys (crayons, paper, stickers) that you can bring along if you need to visit someone who doesn’t have any kids or babies at home. * Hold them! They need cuddles just as much as food right now; plus, it provides an opportunity for mommy or daddy bonding time.


6) Bath time bliss

A luxury bathtime isn’t just a fanciful notion reserved for fancy hotels, it’s a necessity in life. Especially when your little one is small, bath time can be a lot of fun and provide much-needed relief for you as well. Parents often don’t get time to take care of themselves – this is important to do at least once per day! Bathing also relaxes baby and provides an opportunity for some one-on-one bonding time with him or her.


7) Humidifier heaven

A humidifier is an absolute must have when it comes to caring for your baby. Not only will it help them breathe more easily, it also serves as a sleep aid because cool air promotes sleepiness, and as an allergy remedy because congestion can occur from a dry environment. If you live in a dry climate like me, don’t forget about moisturizing lip balm and/or petroleum jelly for your little one’s lips. Here are some of my favorite baby care products that every parent needs on hand:



In conclusion, the 7 baby care products mentioned in this blog post are vital to the well-being of your little one. But if you’re just looking for a few simple things to get you started, here are my three recommendations: Johnson’s Baby Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, and White Noise – Sound Machine. Remember to be patient with your new baby and enjoy the first year of their life. You never know how quickly it’ll fly by!




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